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Please note: Since only research teams from German universities / research institutions can submit entries for the SCIENCE MOONSHOT MUNICH, only the German version of the terms and conditions is legally binding. 


The Association Innovation 4.x,  Thurnerweg 3, 4061 Pasching, ZVR  395442138  hereinafter referred to as "I4.X" ​ and​ The MOONPUNKS, Thurnerweg 3, 4061 Wagram, hereinafter referred to as "MOONPUNKS", are jointly managing the "MOONSHOT" project based on a cooperation agreement.

The aim of this project is to develop a start-up company from a research result within 72 hours, which has the potential to become a world market leader with a socially relevant idea within a few years.

​ These general terms and conditions ("GTC") regulate the contractual relationships between I4.X, MOONPUNKS  and all participants of the MOONSHOT.


In these terms and conditions, the following terms have the given meaning:


  • Idea provider (= submitter or submitting research team):

These are communities of at least two or more natural persons from the field of research who have an outstanding solution and business idea and their solution at MOONSHOT  submitted as a project. Established companies, especially companies, and persons, shareholders, managing directors or employees involved in such companies cannot provide ideas in the business area of this company. The idea provider must either be a German citizen, or study properly at a German university or hold teaching and / or research assignments  and be ready to have a business location in Germany  to open at least if it is necessary for the granting of a grant and have reached the age of 18 at the time of submitting their scientifically based solution.

In each case one idea provider acts as a contact person and represents the other idea providers from his submitting team to I4.X and MOONPUNKS.  


  • Project:

The business ideas submitted by the idea generators at MOONSHOT based on a relevant research result of their (early stage) startup company.


  • Econauts:

Econauts are the community of people who come up with ideas, whose project is selected as the winning project by an independent jury at MOONSHOT.


  • Target:

That during the  MOONSHOT from the winning project of the Econauts projected companies as the goal and result of the respective  MOONSHOTS.


  • Investors:

These are natural or legal persons (companies) who are ready to make capital available to the target.


  • Maker:

These are natural or legal persons with special expertise and their employees who will work during the MOONSHOT  develop the project to the target together with the economists, scouts, inspirers and flight control. During the development of the winning target project, they are personally available to the idea generators during the day.


  • Scouts & Inspirers:

These are natural persons who, due to their experience, extraordinary achievements or successes, are able to make strategic decisions even under time pressure in such a way that sustainable success in the sense of MOONSHOT is possible. You work directly with the Makers and keep track of the work packages.


  • Flight Control:

This is the person or people who are or will be placed at the side of the Econauts as advisors and supporters in decisions that need to be made quickly and immediately.


  • Mission Control:

This is the MOONSHOT organization team. It ensures that all process steps run smoothly and coordinates the entire process.


  • Connectors:

These are networkers involved in MOONSHOT. They ensure immediate and meaningful networking with potential business partners, strategic partners and / or investors.


  • Professionals:

Experts in a special field who are consulted ad-hoc for individual questions during the selection process to determine the finalists of MOONSHOT.


  • Enablers:

Partner of the organizers who, through support (e.g. financial or network-related nature), make the MOONSHOT  contribute.

  • Young designers:

Young designers from the fields of industrial, communication and graphic design who won the design casting and were selected to participate in MOONSHOT.

  • Moonshot participants:

All idea providers, economists, investors, makers, scouts, inspirers, enablers, experts and members of Flight Control and Mission Control who take part in MOONSHOT.


  • Hackathon participants:

Programmers who digitally support the target.  


  • Confidential information:

All information of an economic, business, technical or other confidential nature, regardless of how this information was made available. These include, in particular, trade secrets, presentations, company concepts, business models, business and planning data, descriptions, sketches, drawings, constructions, cuts, samples, data, files, inventions, formulas, processes, plans, programs, models and others that are not state of the art Relevant knowledge, experience and know-how as well as knowledge and results gained and evident from them.


Information is not considered confidential if


(a)       it was already publicly known or belonged to the state of the art at the time of disclosure;

(b)       it was already known to the third party who became aware of it;

(c)        those who provided the idea have expressly given their prior consent to disclosure, disclosure or access to third parties.

The information provided by the idea provider when submitting a project to MOONSHOT is not confidential information. The idea provider expressly agrees that this information can be used by Moonshot participants and third parties - especially enablers  to provide. The purpose of passing on this information is to promote or support the idea generators and / or to establish business relationships with them.


2.1.     People who meet the requirements of an idea generator can submit their projects via the website during the registration period.

2.2.     The submitted projects and the idea providers are initially from I4.X and MOONPUNKS  checked for their general suitability to become an international  successful  Develop company. Experts can also be called in for this preselection. I4.X and MOONPUNKS are  entitled to withdraw ideas and their projects without giving reasons. The idea providers will of course be informed about such a decision.

2.3.     From all projects, 20 completed research projects are selected that have the greatest potential, an internationally successful company with an impact on society and / or the environment  to become.  


2.4.     At the finals during the  MOONSHOT three idea providers take part, from which a jury consisting of audience and expert jury selects the best project and thus the best idea providers - the Econauts. If public voting is not possible,  decide on the composition of the jury  I4.X, MOONPUNKS  and enablers together. The members of the jury and the organizers  are not obliged to publish the reasons for the decision of the jury and to inform the idea providers. After the presentation of the victorious Econauts and  getting to know everyone involved  the work begins within 72 hours in collaboration with idea generators, makers, scouts &  Inspirers, connectors,  Mission Control and Flight Control live on (or near)  Venue to develop the project into a target.


3.1.     The idea providers guarantee that they are unrestrictedly authorized to dispose of all intellectual property rights and know-how in connection with the project submitted to MOONSHOT and, in particular, that no third parties (cooperation partners, employees, university, etc.) are asserting or have asserted claims. Become the idea generator  I4.X,  MOONPUNKS  and enablers harmless and harmless if they are claimed by third parties in connection with the project, in particular the violation of intellectual property rights or know-how.

3.2.     If third parties have rights to the project submitted by the idea provider (e.g. the university), the idea provider is obliged to do so  I4.X  and MOONPUNKS  to be fully disclosed. You also have to submit a legally effective, written agreement signed by all parties involved, according to which the project will be taken into account and implemented under the terms of the MOONSHOT  is expressly permitted and possible. Doubts about the unrestricted power of disposal of the idea generator and the legally impeccable feasibility of a project lead to exclusion from MOONSHOT.


3.3.     For a future, the highest precision is international  successfully acting  Companies  a matter of course and the basis of its success. Idea providers therefore undertake at all times - from the submission of their application to the end of the MOONSHOT  - to provide all information completely and correctly. When submitting the project, the project must be presented so comprehensively that it can be checked, in particular with regard to technical and economic feasibility and general suitability. If significantly incorrect or incomplete information emerges, I4.X and MOONPUNKS or the jury are entitled at any time to exclude the idea generator from participating in MOONSHOT with immediate effect.


3.4.     Idea providers are not entitled to participate in the  MOONSHOT or to be selected as finalists / econauts. Idea providers expressly consent to the decisions made by  I4.X, MOONPUNKS and the jury accept, and that they have no legal remedy or claim against it.


3.5.     Idea providers do not have to pay any financial contribution for submitting their projects or participating in MOONSHOT. The idea generator has to bear the costs for the compilation of the documents for the submission of the idea, the journey to the MOONSHOT, accommodation and meals. Idea providers have no claim against  I4.X and MOONPUNKS  or other  for reimbursement of their expenses, including their time expended or cash outlays in connection with the MOONSHOT. Generators of ideas, and in particular economists, have no right to be referred to or made available to investors.


3.6.     Idea providers can withdraw their application at any time without giving reasons until the 20 best projects have been selected. Idea providers will be informed when this stage of the selection process is reached as a "point of no return". Unless they are granted a longer period, they have at least 48 hours to declare that they are withdrawing their project. If the idea provider does not make a statement within the deadline, they will continue to take part in the MOONSHOT.


3.7.     The aim of MOONSHOT is to develop the project into a target that has the potential to establish itself (also internationally). This not only requires a lot of work from everyone involved and a high investment of capital, but also a correct and transparent regulation of the legal situation. The 20 most promising idea providers selected must therefore sign an agreement with them before they can continue to participate in MOONSHOT  I4.X and MOONPUNKS  complete, which regulates the further process more precisely. The idea providers are not obliged to conclude this agreement. In this case, however, you have to withdraw from the MOONSHOT. In their place comes the next most suitable project and its idea generator.


3.8.   The MOONSHOT is free for the ECONAUTEN and there is also no equity.  

3.9.     The Econauts become - alone or together with third parties - managing directors of the Target. As a result of the MOONSHOT, the Econauts should receive a fully configured company that they can control. The cash expenses for the establishment (e.g. costs of a notary, court fees, trademark registration,  etc.) are to be carried by the target and cannot be taken over by the organizer.

3.10.  The idea providers expressly waive this after submitting their project to  MOONSHOT to develop or implement the same or a competing project alone or with third parties, directly or indirectly, or to otherwise enter into a competitive relationship with their project or target, in particular to found another company in this business area or to participate in it . However, it is permissible to have the same project or a project competing with it on another from I4.X and / or the MOONPUNKS  organized "Moonshot Competition". This obligation of the idea provider expires if a project leaves the MOONSHOT.  

3.11.  The idea providers undertake to participate in press events and to publish and media utilization of their project and the target, also at subsequent MOONSHOT events. In particular, you undertake to provide information in such a way that  I4.X and MOONPUNKS  as well as enablers whose use is possible. When participating in MOONSHOT and the subsequent PR event, photos and videos of the idea generators and Econauts are made. Such photos and videos are used in connection with the application of the  MOONSHOT and subsequent events published, in some cases with the names of the idea generators and above all the Econauts, especially in print media but also electronic media such as websites or social media profiles.


4.1.   I4.X and MOONPUNKS are  Select the MOONSHOT participants carefully and according to strictly objective criteria and do their best to ensure that the project is carried out successfully.

4.2.   I4.X and MOONPUNKS cannot guarantee that all planned steps for developing the winning project into a target can be carried out during the MOONSHOT. Nor can I4.X and MOONPUNKS improve the economic success of the Econauts, the business idea or the developed company, let alone the development into one  international  successful companies  to guarantee. I4.X and MOONPUNKS  are not involved in this development work themselves, but only provide the framework for it by planning and organizing the MOONSHOT  to disposal.

4.3.     I4.X and MOONPUNKS  are entitled to cancel the MOONSHOT - even at short notice and without giving reasons - or to change the venue.

4.4.  I4.X and MOONPUNKS  undertake to treat confidential information about the submitted projects confidentially and not to pass them on to third parties  or to make it accessible in any other way. Confidential information may only be passed on for the purposes of MOONSHOT and only to authorized persons who, due to their work at MOONSHOT, undertake to maintain confidentiality.

MOONDOCK:  The MOONDOCK project is an exception.  The aim of MOONDOCKS is to provide ideas who are not in favor of the MOONSHOT process  suitable to promote as well. These startups are listed on and / or  in one for members only  of the MOONDOCKS accessible area  presented and so  networked with selected MOONDOCK members. MOONDOCK members include companies or natural persons who are interested in strategic partnerships with start-ups. Approximately  Investors or sponsors. The presentation can include name, contact details, information about the  Start-up  as well as logo and much more. include. Submitters / idea providers have the right to request immediate deletion at any time. The MOONDOCK provisions naturally only apply to those submitting  who expressly consent to their data being recorded in MOONDOCK by ticking the box.  

4.5.     I4.X and MOONPUNKS  have in the event of a project leaving the  MOONSHOT shall return all documents that contain or embody confidential information to the person who provided the idea upon request and permanently delete all (including electronic) copies.


5.1.     Claims for damages between the contracting parties are limited to cases of gross negligence.

5.2.     Claims between the contracting parties due to laesio enormis are excluded.


6.1.     The idea providers grant I4.X and MOONPUNKS a non-exclusive license, the submitted project and all related documents and intellectual property as well as know-how (in particular technical property rights such as patents and utility models, registered and unregistered trademark rights, design rights, copyrights and related property rights) in whole or in part to the extent that this is for the purposes of  MOONSHOT and MOONDOCK and the promotion of subsequent events is necessary and useful. This license is unlimited in terms of time, space and content and may be transferred or sublicensed to third parties. It includes, in particular, the right to reproduce, distribute, broadcast, lecture, perform, present, make available and edit, as well as pass it on to Moonshot participants and experts, in particular to check the suitability of the project. Insofar as third parties are granted access to confidential information in connection with projects, they commit themselves to I4.X.  and MOONPUNKS for secrecy.

6.2.     Any intellectual property or know-how that is newly created during a MOONSHOT in the business area of the project or target belongs to the target and, until its formal establishment, its future shareholders (Econauts),   Investors  as well as the organizers of MOONSHOT. If no articles of association for the establishment of the target are concluded within six months of the end of the MOONSHOT, I4.X and MOONPUNKS remain   sole  Owner of the  as part of  of the MOONSHOT and can freely dispose of them. If the target is founded at a later point in time, it receives a non-exclusive, otherwise (temporally and geographically) but unrestricted license.


7.1.     All Moonshot participants undertake to adhere to the following code:

7.2.     The MOONSHOT has a clear mission. In just 72 hours, it forms from a previously unknown, scientifically based solution  a fully configured company. After the deadline has expired, it should meet all the requirements in order to be able to gain a sustainable foothold on the world market right from the start. With the very clear goal of becoming an internationally successful company within the shortest possible time. The MOONSHOT is not based on consumer-capitalist considerations, but for sustainablility, inspiration and motivation. It should therefore not only inspire the economy, but society in all its diversity. It shows what human creativity can achieve when a common goal is pursued in a focused manner without digressions, vanity, taking advantage and similar influences. Because it is foreseeable that fair collaboration in the future will be the prerequisite for great performance even more than it is today. MOONSHOT wants to show that fairness and profit are not a contradiction in terms. All natural and legal persons and organizations involved in MOONSHOT therefore undertake to recognize and adhere to the following code:

7.3.   The focus is not on individual people and their sensitivities, but on the overall goal. It is not achieved through hierarchical chains of command, but in the form of a sociocratically oriented organizational model. The organizers trust that each individual participant will open up their entire potential and also in the crossover during the whole  MOONSHOT provides.

7.4.   The for the  MOONSHOT  Ultimately selected idea must have a clearly recognizable added value and benefit for society and / or the environment. However, it must not be designed in such a way that economic profitability is excluded. Under no circumstances may their implementation cause damage to the environment and / or society.

7.5.   The personality of the idea generator must be taken into account. These people / this team are exposed to increased stress factors during the MOONSHOT phase. Since they should later find themselves in their company, experienced consultants with the appropriate quality and farsightedness are provided (flight control).

7.6.     All those involved in MOONSHOT undertake to keep their knowledge of the organization, structure and structure of the formed company to themselves and at no time to pass it on to third parties, natural or legal persons outside the project. The same applies to the organizational, structural and operational sequence of the MOONSHOT overall process.

7.7.   The MOONSHOT is not an experiment in the usual sense. It is a real economy and the organizers I4.X and MOONPUNKS assume that each individual participant will do everything in their power to contribute to the success of the project within the given period.

7.8.     The organizers also assume that each individual participant is aware of their responsibility in this regard.

7.9.     An expert jury is responsible for the pre-selection of the winning project / Econauts. This code also applies to them and they fully recognize it. It is planned that the final  Decision also from the public audience  is taken by public voting.   

7.10.  Solution approaches and ideas regarding the establishment of nuclear power plants and upstream or downstream environmental technologies are excluded from participation. The same applies to weapon technology, factory farming and ideas whose implementation would require the exploitation of regions and / or social groups.


7.11.  Only those ideas and solutions can be selected that can be proven by the submitter / the submitting team  come. In addition, it must be clearly defined and legally binding that the submitter (s) is / are authorized to make decisions or represent them with all consequences.

7.12.  Everyone involved should be aware that MOONSHOT is a project that is aimed at real “change  stands. The organizers want to establish a benchmark for how start-ups, inventors, researchers and discoverers are dealt with  to establish.


7.13  Hackathon  


With selected MOONSHOTS, a hackathon is also integrated into the overall MOONSHOT format. If this is the case, it will be announced accordingly on the announcement website.  


All on  MOONSHOT Hackathon participants   give I4.X and MOONPUNKS one each  License issued as part of MOONSHOTS  worked out  Content and  Projects  and to use all related documents and intellectual property as well as know-how (in particular technical property rights, registered and non-registered trademark rights, design rights, copyrights and related property rights) in whole or in part, as far as this is necessary for the purposes of  MOONSHOT and its target  is necessary and useful. This license is unlimited in terms of time, space and content and may be transferred or sublicensed to third parties. In particular, it includes the right to reproduce, distribute, broadcast, speak, perform, present, make available and edit, as well as pass it on to Moonshot participants and experts. ​

7.14.     Any intellectual property or know-how acquired during MOONSHOT  Hackathon is newly created in the business area of the project or target belongs to the target and, until its formal establishment, its future shareholders (Econauts),   Investors  as well as the organizers of MOONSHOT  (I4.X and MOONPUNKS). If no articles of association for the establishment of the target are concluded within six months of the end of the MOONSHOT, I4.X and MOONPUNKS remain   sole  Owner of the  Intellectual property created as part of the MOONSHOT Hackathon and can freely dispose of it. If the target is founded at a later point in time, it receives a non-exclusive, otherwise (temporally and geographically) but unrestricted license.



At MOONSHOT  explain participating persons / companies  expressly that the codes, architectures, designs and all other content developed by them are sent to the target and the organizers without any follow-up costs or other consideration  (e.g. for licenses  etc.). 


9.1.     In addition to these terms and conditions, the house rules of the venue are an integral part of them.

9.2.     Oral side agreements or other arrangements are invalid. Changes or additions to this contract must be made in writing.

9.3.     The ineffectiveness of a provision of these terms and conditions does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions. The ineffective clause will be replaced by the statutory regulation that comes closest to the intended economic objective.

9.4.     These terms and conditions are subject to Austrian substantive law to the exclusion of the reference norms of international private law. Mandatory statutory provisions in domestic and foreign law remain unaffected by this choice of law.

9.5.     The place of performance is Vienna. For all disputes arising from or in connection with these terms and conditions, the competent courts for the Inner City of Vienna / Austria are exclusively responsible.

9.6   We reserve the right to adapt these terms and conditions in accordance with the statutory provisions. The currently valid version can be viewed at any time in the General Terms and Conditions section of our website.


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